Friday, December 16, 2011

Mom - Sterling Silver Pave Cubic Zirconia Heart Bracelet $29

Dad - Kindle $79

Brother - Vans Classic Slip-Ons $44.95!672124011%2Cn%3A679255011%2Cp_4%3AVans&bbn=679255011&ie=UTF8&qid=1324068223&rnid=679797011#/ref=sr_pg_1?rh=n%3A672123011%2Cn%3A!672124011%2Cn%3A679255011%2Cp_4%3AVans&bbn=679255011&ie=UTF8&qid=1324068481

Me - Deadly Little Voices  $11.55

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Class Lessons

In my classroom we are going to be learning the following :
  • 2 Months - Acting Class
  • 1 1/2  Months - Art Class
  • 1 Month - Dance Class
  • 1 Month - P.E

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Comments

Blake I think this is a great story about talking to people online.This gives a powerful message to those who DO talk to strangers online.
Keep blogging!
- Abby :)

Giselle I think this is an excellent story about internet safety!
Your right, you should be careful because once its on the internet anyone can see it!
- Abby :)

Adrian this is a very good story.
I also like how you worded everything.
How did you get the idea of writing this story?
You have to let me know when you write the rest!

That does seem like a very long list of stuff!
But who wouldn't want to live this life, right?
I can see that you like cars!
I wouldn't mind having a Lamborghini.
A Target store would also have anything you need.
I bet someone would try to steal all of your stuff though

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Strange Noise

      As I lay on bed, falling asleep, gently, I hear a noise in the woods. I get out of my bed grab a sweater, put on my shoes, and grab a flashlight. I open the door, I step outside and I can feel the cold, cold air pushing up against my face.
           I start walking towards the road, I shiver. I hear the noise again, but this time its louder. I call out,"Whose there?". I turn on my flashlight and start looking very closely. I can feel someone else next to me. I hear the door slam shut. I turn. I can see a shadow, but that's it. I follow the shadow into the woods, the shadow started running so I started running too. The shadow stopped next to a tree.
         I ask it,"Who are you and what are you doing here?". It didn't respond. I asked it again, it replied,"Look behind you," so I did. I didn't see anything and then I turned back around, the shadow was gone. It's voice sounded like a girl's voice, a little girl. I start walking back to my house. I open the door, and I can hear a little girl laughing around the corner. I go to the corner there's nothing there.
        A little girl rushes past me laughing. I didn't believe what I just saw. I started walking slowly backwards until my back hit the wall. I slowly fell. I stay there, I look at the clock in the living room. The clock says 3:23 am. I tell myself that what I saw wasn't real. I get up, walk up the stairs, and go to my room. I take off my shoes, put the flashlight down, but I don't take off my sweater. I go to my bed and sit down, I turn on the T.v. I changed the channel and start watching my favorite movie.
      I start to get thirsty so I put on my slippers and reach for the knob. As soon as I touch the knob, I hear someone running across the hall. I slowly turn the knob, and I step out of my room. I look to my right, I see nothing. I look to my left and I can see a little girl running down the stairs. I couldn't believe what was happening. I start walking towards the stairs and I look down. I hear children playing downstairs in the living room. I walk down the stairs, slowly. I reach the end of the stairs, I walk into the kitchen. I grab a cup and set it on the table. I go to the fridge and look for lemonade. As I am looking, the cup falls and glass shatters everywhere. I remember setting the cup in the middle of the table, so how could it fall off? 
       I hear more noises in the living room. I say,"If this is a joke it is not funny!". Then, out of no where I hear a little girl crying. The only people that were in the house was me and one of my friends. I go to my friends room and I call out her name but I get no answer. I can see the bathroom light on, so I go to the door and knock. I call out,"Jamie?". No response again. I open the door and I don't see her. Then, I turn around to look at her bed and there she is, lying still, covered in blood.
        I go to her, tap on her shoulder, and I ask,"Jamie?". She stood still, I saw that her hand was in a fist. I open her fist and I see a note. The note said YOUR NEXT! I drop the note and go running back to my room, I shut the door and just sit. Then I hear someone coming up the stairs...slowly. I can hear each step, one by one by one. I look at my closet and then I open the closet door and quickly hide.I hear the door open and I put my hand over my mouth because I just want to scream.
         I hear it open my window. I was thinking of a way to get out without making any noise. I then hear the person leave. As I hear it go down the stairs, I open the door to the closet slowly, and I get out of the room. I go down the stairs as quickly as I can.
        I look in the living room and there's no one there, I look in the kitchen and there's no one in there either. I open the front door and I quickly run outside. I hop in the car and hot wire it. The car starts and I drive it. I'm in the middle of the woods and the car runs out of gas. I see a dark shadow running towards the car, I don't know what to do.