Thursday, September 1, 2011

Science Procedures


1. Gather your materials
2.  Soak the paper on towel in water 
3. Set the beans on the paper towel and and then fold the paper towel in half so that it covers the top and bottom of the beans
4. Leave the beans like this for at least one day
5. Go back the next day and unfold the paper towel 
6. Put two cups out in front of you
7. Pour soil in one of the cups so that it fills half of the cup
8.  Do the same to the other cup 
9. Dig a little whole in the soil. Do the same for the other for the other cup
10. Set one bean inside the whole in one cup and set the other bean in the whole of the other cup
11. Dig both of the beans; cover them up with soil
12. Give one water and give the other one milk
13. Do this for 3 weeks and measure to see which plant which plant grows more
14. Collect data 


1. Gather materials 
2. Put on your safety gear
3. Get your cups and pour soil into them until it is halfway full 
4.Grab your beans and plant them in the cup.
5. Make sure that the beans are covered up completely by the soil.
6. Label one cup Water and label the other cup Milk
7. Fill up the graduated cylinder with 10mL of water and pour it into the cup that is labeled water.
8. Grab your milk and fill up the graduated cylinder with 10mL of milk.
9. Pour the milk into the cup that is labeled Milk.
10. Set the cups on a table and do steps 1-9 for at least 3 weeks.
11. Make sure to collect your data.
12. Put up all your materials neatly.

In this experiment I have learned how to measure water correctly. I also learned how much water, and milk to give the plant. I learned that if you don't follow the directions correctly that the experiment is going to be completely wrong and you will have to start all over.

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