Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Strange Noise

      As I lay on bed, falling asleep, gently, I hear a noise in the woods. I get out of my bed grab a sweater, put on my shoes, and grab a flashlight. I open the door, I step outside and I can feel the cold, cold air pushing up against my face.
           I start walking towards the road, I shiver. I hear the noise again, but this time its louder. I call out,"Whose there?". I turn on my flashlight and start looking very closely. I can feel someone else next to me. I hear the door slam shut. I turn. I can see a shadow, but that's it. I follow the shadow into the woods, the shadow started running so I started running too. The shadow stopped next to a tree.
         I ask it,"Who are you and what are you doing here?". It didn't respond. I asked it again, it replied,"Look behind you," so I did. I didn't see anything and then I turned back around, the shadow was gone. It's voice sounded like a girl's voice, a little girl. I start walking back to my house. I open the door, and I can hear a little girl laughing around the corner. I go to the corner there's nothing there.
        A little girl rushes past me laughing. I didn't believe what I just saw. I started walking slowly backwards until my back hit the wall. I slowly fell. I stay there, I look at the clock in the living room. The clock says 3:23 am. I tell myself that what I saw wasn't real. I get up, walk up the stairs, and go to my room. I take off my shoes, put the flashlight down, but I don't take off my sweater. I go to my bed and sit down, I turn on the T.v. I changed the channel and start watching my favorite movie.
      I start to get thirsty so I put on my slippers and reach for the knob. As soon as I touch the knob, I hear someone running across the hall. I slowly turn the knob, and I step out of my room. I look to my right, I see nothing. I look to my left and I can see a little girl running down the stairs. I couldn't believe what was happening. I start walking towards the stairs and I look down. I hear children playing downstairs in the living room. I walk down the stairs, slowly. I reach the end of the stairs, I walk into the kitchen. I grab a cup and set it on the table. I go to the fridge and look for lemonade. As I am looking, the cup falls and glass shatters everywhere. I remember setting the cup in the middle of the table, so how could it fall off? 
       I hear more noises in the living room. I say,"If this is a joke it is not funny!". Then, out of no where I hear a little girl crying. The only people that were in the house was me and one of my friends. I go to my friends room and I call out her name but I get no answer. I can see the bathroom light on, so I go to the door and knock. I call out,"Jamie?". No response again. I open the door and I don't see her. Then, I turn around to look at her bed and there she is, lying still, covered in blood.
        I go to her, tap on her shoulder, and I ask,"Jamie?". She stood still, I saw that her hand was in a fist. I open her fist and I see a note. The note said YOUR NEXT! I drop the note and go running back to my room, I shut the door and just sit. Then I hear someone coming up the stairs...slowly. I can hear each step, one by one by one. I look at my closet and then I open the closet door and quickly hide.I hear the door open and I put my hand over my mouth because I just want to scream.
         I hear it open my window. I was thinking of a way to get out without making any noise. I then hear the person leave. As I hear it go down the stairs, I open the door to the closet slowly, and I get out of the room. I go down the stairs as quickly as I can.
        I look in the living room and there's no one there, I look in the kitchen and there's no one in there either. I open the front door and I quickly run outside. I hop in the car and hot wire it. The car starts and I drive it. I'm in the middle of the woods and the car runs out of gas. I see a dark shadow running towards the car, I don't know what to do.

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