Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Comments

Blake I think this is a great story about talking to people online.This gives a powerful message to those who DO talk to strangers online.
Keep blogging!
- Abby :)

Giselle I think this is an excellent story about internet safety!
Your right, you should be careful because once its on the internet anyone can see it!
- Abby :)

Adrian this is a very good story.
I also like how you worded everything.
How did you get the idea of writing this story?
You have to let me know when you write the rest!

That does seem like a very long list of stuff!
But who wouldn't want to live this life, right?
I can see that you like cars!
I wouldn't mind having a Lamborghini.
A Target store would also have anything you need.
I bet someone would try to steal all of your stuff though

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